What is our Purpose?

Lots of learning is an organisation which aims to transform an individual from outside as well as inside. Our formal education continues to focus on developing the technical and functional skills which are not enough for a successful life. At Lots of Learning we want to help bridge this gap. Our mission is to work overtime to simplify skill requirement that empowers individuals with skill sets which are necessary for their overall development.

These skills are required to bridge the gap between who they are, to what is actually needed for ultimate success & growth.

  • Professional Ready- A qualified individual with many well recognised degrees needs workplace skills which are extremely essential for their growth.
  • Job Ready- A well-educated individual needs these Career skills to be able to get the job they’re looking for.
  • Business Ready- An entrepreneur with a great idea and determination may still struggle without these Personal skills.
  • Life Ready- School Students in spite going to the best schools lack these Life skills, which can tremendously help to get admission in the college they aspire for and to achieve success in the long run.

Our programs and workshops help individuals in all aspects of life personally and professionally, honing their skills, such that they can take on the world with the best version of themselves with a new vigour.
So Learn & Grow with Our Learning Modules which are specifically designed to make you Professional Ready, Business Ready, Job Ready, College Ready to Life Ready!
We believe Learning the essential skills empowers and helps you reach your true potential. Over 6 years, our workshops have reached more than 50,000 + individuals.
Having this strong sense of realisation that our workshops actually have life changing experiences that helps individuals in attaining success and growth in life, we are always looking forward to reach out to more individuals.

Our 2 Building Blocks

From Inside: To Build your self-confidence & self-image. The moment you feel good inside, it shows on the outside. Years of conditioning can have detrimental effect on self-worth. However skills simplified for enhancing this self-confidence, will significantly impact the overall personality.

Intra personal skill, EQ, Transactions Analysis, Goal settings, Time management, Managing Stress, Intelligence, Habits, Creativity, Body positivity, Personal Safety, Gender & Sexuality Awareness are areas which we have included and built our curriculum to focus on inside.

To Outside: To master your Appearance, Behaviour & Communication skills not only builds a stronger Personality but also impacts on the inside, which again helps in the holistic development.

First impressions, Verbal & Non verbal communication, Public speaking, Presentation skills, Interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Team building skills, Language fundamentals, Business Etiquettes, Social skills, Networking, Negotiation, Collaboration skills are areas which we have included and built our curriculum for self-development on the outside.

Our Unique Approach

We offer customised learning for Individuals, educational institutions, organisations, Entrepreneurs, Students, based on their specific needs.

Our curriculums are designed in order to bring out the different possible facets of the skill requirement, in the most simplistic manner and in alignment with the real industry requirement.

Not only that, we ensure to begin not with what we have to offer but allowing individuals a self-reflection into the topic in order to better understand it’s need.

Our Programs give you actionable takeaways and leave you with other materials which will ensure life long reinforcement of the skill.

Our Logo

Our icon is inspired by the concept of infinite meaning limitless. The true potential of an individual can never be measured, it’s an ongoing process for life.

Learning has the potential to change the dynamics of an individual. We are born with certain intrinsic values & intelligence, however what makes humans different from other beings is our ability to grow and change ourselves. It’s like the hare and tortoise story, no matter what intrinsic characteristics, values and intelligence you are born with, that doesn’t define your individuality for life, your ability to constantly learn and more learn will truly influence the person you will become. We strongly advocate the concept of changing your personality through learning and reaching your higher purpose.

Our Symbol Infinite represents something that is boundless or endless, or else something that is larger than any real or natural number. Infinite is not big, its not huge, its not enormous, it simply is endless. At Lots of Learning, we thrive to empower you at every step by unleashing your potential, Infinite.

What is Personality

Personality is that uniqueness in a person which cannot be identical to anyone else but can be similar. Your personality is that one thing that sets you apart from the rest and defines how you respond to people & situations. Personality has 3 main components: Nature, Nurture and character.

First is the Nature, basically as we commonly refer as the temperament of a person, it is the set of genetically determined traits that determine the individual’s approach to the world and how the individual learns about the world. Biologically speaking, there are no genes that specify personality traits, but some genes do control the development of the nervous system, which in turn controls behaviour.

Second is the Nurture basically is the Environment of the individual, which is the most important component of personality, which refers to the adaptive patterns related to an individual’s environment. Family, culture, school, friends are a few subcomponent of this environment.

The third component is Character—An individual’s set of emotional, cognitive (the ability to think, learn, and memorize) and behavioural patterns learned and accumulated over time that determines how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. An individual’s character continues to evolve throughout life, although much depends on inborn traits and early experiences.

Both Nature & Nurture influence the development of a person’s personality the most.

The Nurture is equally or rather more important than nature, which can be used to develop any personality trait that the individual lacks or shows little inborn traits. This can only happen when you work along with the tide and not against it. Don’t oppose them, instead work along. Later, as the child grows up, this parental work helps the child to adapt to his or her own world in spite of inborn temperament.

Many a times, the environment in the early childhood does more damage than good, in such cases, the self-confidence may be very low and self-doubt in a person may be too high resulting in not a very attractive personality. To this I can only remind you by saying, it’s not your fault. We know the difference between garbage and food, we can totally stop ourselves from eating any rubbish that people served us, because it was logical and reasonable to say, “ sorry but this is garbage we don’t eat it” but what we weren’t taught was to differentiate between the good and bad food for the mind. Just because someone said (served) something (garbage) about you that doesn’t mean you have to believe it or digest it! We outrightly should have refused it but only if we knew how to.

Even though much depends on inborn traits and early experiences, a research study by psychologists at the University of Illinois suggests that we can change our traits provided we want to change them. We can become the best version of ourselves if we want to. So, if you are willing to become the most terrific version of you, you can! We at Lots of Learning strongly advocate this research, if you have the will to change yourself then you can and you will!


Personal coaching helps you to better yourself & push you further in your career.

Behind every successful Person there is a Coach or a Mentor which helps make their journey meaningful, tremendously fulfilling, with phenomenal growth, all the while unleashing their potential exponentially! I sincerely trust in the power of coaching and mentoring to help individuals reach their maximum potential & achieve their goals much more effectively and clearly.

You can choose to drive your fancy fully automated car all by yourself all your life, you may or may not uncover all its functions and its true potential. On the other hand a guide, a coach or a manual can def help you use all of its functions which in return will help you navigate your journey thoroughly. We humans are also like a fully automated machine with high possibilities.. Understanding it better with the help of an mentor will only help unleash our maximum potential and increase our productivity as well as output.

You can reach wherever you want to go all by yourself, huffing and puffing, slow or fast.
However, it’s not always about the destination but also about the journey! A mentor has the ability to help you ace this journey in a more meaningful & mindful way.

About the founder



During my growing up years, I always questioned authority and their logic for implementing rules based on seniority, I questioned subjects and their future relevance. Even though I was one of the toppers who didn’t have to struggle much with the academics and an all-rounder in various extracurricular activities, I was certain that this mode of Formal teaching is insufficient to bring out the best in an individual’s personality.

Many cultural & upbringing practices and taboos as well as other growing up experiences convinced me that these too had a direct impact on the overall personality and that there was definitely more awareness required on parenting practices, gender awareness and body safety & sexuality. And from where I see it now, the information is not rocket science. Rather, nobody is looking in this direction as no-one really fathoms the impact it has on an individual’s life, decisions, success and growth. No one is making that effort to bring in change at a mass level.

I was certain there was a need for paradigm shift in education and how we were imparting knowledge for the real development of an individual for success. The current system wasn’t enough for a complete development, I was certain about this since a young age.

Inspite being a doctor’s daughter and an academic topper, I didn’t choose science, instead for the love for numbers, I chose Commerce as my Career stream and excelled in finance for the next 9 years of life. Graduating in Mathematics to Masters in Finance to being a Certified Financial Risk Manager and working in a very exciting Asset Liability Management Department in ICICI Bank.

Even though I was very glad with my set path in Banking, however, at the heart of it, I wanted to be a part of the change that I wished to see in the society. After a decade of leaving high school, when I observed that not much had changed around me, the change whatever in place was literally at a snail speed. I was convinced to do what I really wanted to do for the betterment of the society and my country. I have always felt the knack and ability to influence individuals in enhancing their personality through their appearance, behaviour & communication and so I set on this path in 2012.

With 2 years of initial research, I launched Lots of Learning in April 2014. With continued research, learning & collaborations at my end, we successfully offered workshops which I strongly felt and believed would tremendously help individuals and it did. In 6 years, we have managed to touch the lives of 50,000 + individuals with more than 500 workshops.

I made it my mission to solely work on enhancing & reviving the personality of an individual to become better versions of themselves that helps them personally, professionally as well as socially ready to take on the world with a renewed vigour.

My Professional Journey as a COACH

An ex-banker and today I am a Personal Development Coach.

Since 2012, I have tirelessly dedicated myself to study Personal development in all areas of life, from the inside to outside. Being a certified Image Consultant + Soft Skills Trainer + Career Counsellor + Personal Safety & Sexuality Trainer, I feel thoroughly enabled to look at Personal Development in a more Holistic way. It is this overall insight which has helped me turn into a successful Coach.

I have conducted about 500 workshops in the last six years and have reached more than 50,000 + individuals with my organisation Lots of Learning. I believe that, everything can be learnt when taught in a simplistic and an inclusive manner.

On your journey to success, the first person to believe in you is YOU! SO, it is our mission to help you turn into your best version and make you ready to take on the world with a renewed vigour.

“Your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE, will determine your ALTITUDE.” – Zig Zagler.

It’s always 80% attitude & just 20% Skill , mind it! Personal coaching helps you to better yourself & push you towards achieving greater heights in your life. .

Look around you, behind every successful person there is a Coach or a Mentor which helps to make their journey meaningful, tremendously fulfilling, with phenomenal growth, all the while unleashing their potential exponentially! I sincerely trust in the power of coaching and mentoring to help individuals reach their maximum potential & achieve their goals much more effectively and clearly.

You can choose to drive your fancy fully automated car all by yourself all your life, you may or may not uncover all its functions and its true potential. On the other hand, a guide, a coach or a manual can definitely help you unleash all of its functions which in return will help you navigate your journey thoroughly & more enjoyably. We humans are also just like a fully automated machine with high possibilities & potential. A Personality Coach can help you unleash your maximum potential as well as improve your productivity.

“For me Personality Coaching is my IKIGAI, the purpose we all look for in our lives. I look forward to help you in adding more meaning to your life through our learning modules.”