For One To One Coaching

In addition to conducting workshops for groups (Educational institutions + Organisation) we also Coach & Mentor an individual on a one-to-one basis. This journey from not knowing to knowing your best version of yourself that helps you to achieve your goals, is what motivates us.

We are always looking forward to help people project an authentic and powerful image to stand up, stand out, get noticed, and inspire confidence in others, win opportunities, in all arenas of life. From creating powerful first impressions which are crucial to attract opportunities in life to performing with excellence when these opportunities present themselves is the promising route to success in every walk of life.

We all are born with a set of intrinsic values and intelligence and eventually play different roles which requires us to portray an appropriate image matching our role, occasion and goals. However, the knowledge around appropriate Image is missing out in so many individuals which is actually detrimental for attracting opportunities and growth. Even though the information is not rocket science, yet so many people out there don’t know how it can change their life.

We analyse people’s physical traits, role, goal, etc. and accordingly give recommendations for their visual communication enhancement as well as behavioural modification. We guide people in sharpening their people skills for better self-confidence and human relationship management.

This is what Sneha Gupta, our founder has to say about our one to one Coaching service

“I coach you to overcome your limitations within your own mind which is holding you back and unleash your true potential that you are truly capable of, all of which is based on proven strategies and science.

I have formulated different learning modules which are specifically focused on uplifting an individual’s confidence by adding that soft power for a charismatic personality, which attracts growth in your life.”

If you are keen to avail our services for ‘Individual Consulting’ then or email us at [email protected]